Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Every year, there are over 150,000 companies to be incorporated in Hong Kong; As an international financial center, Hong Kong is regarded as one of the most popular location for business, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.

Our Incorporation Services and Fee Schedules:


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1-2 working

6 working

2-3 working

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Certificate of Incorporation (CI)

Business Registration Certificate (BR)

Company Registration Documents

Article of Association

Round Stamp / Signature Stamp / Common Seal

Green Box / Statutory Book /  Share Certificate

Meeting Minutes

Bank account opening advisory and appointment

  1. all government fees have been included in the incorporation service fee; 
  2. all Hong Kong companies must provide a registered address and company secretary in Hong Kong;easyCorp can provide such services if needed.

Incorporation Procedures

  1. Complete new company order form 
  2. easyCorp will check the name availability and verify information provided by clients and prepare the documents for sign
  3. Clients sign the documents and settle the payment
  4. easyCorp will submit the signed documents to government
  5. easyCorp will notify clients after incorporation processes are completed
  6. Clients collect company kit and documents, and open bank account if needed

Transacting foreign businesses in Hong Kong: To register or not to register?

When you have a business that is thriving in your current location or market, there comes a time when you might look into venturing into business from across the state border. Before taking the leap however, you need to have the ins and outs for running your business in said country before making any final decisions.

There are a number of things you need to ask yourself or be aware of before crossing borders.

A look at some of them:

Find out whether or not you are actually doing business in another state

When you operate in another state, chances are pretty high that you are doing business with them. However, you need to look into the legal repercussions of the same. You need to find out the legal requirements of a company registration in the said state. Sometimes you might only be having customers in another state while your company is running in another. At such times, you may wish to recheck the company formation and determine if there is a need for company registration in the given state.

In such instances, a corporate lawyer or legal advisor can help you determine your best options. When you are looking to shift your business to Hong Kong, there is a need check out the Hong Kong company incorporation and all it entails.

What you need in order register the corporation

In order to ensure that you have the right documents for company registration Hong Kong by taking a look at the application process of the same. Much like any other country, there is a form that is needed to be filled. Some of the information that may be asked may include the company incorporation name, stock information, and the principle executive office address among others.

You also need a certificate of Good standing which typically indicates that the company setup in the domestic state is in an active status. This way, it is much easier to undertake your company formation in Hong Kong and register it as a Foreign Corporation.

Ways of filling a Foreign Corporation

When you realize that you need a Hong Kong company setup, then you need to know how to file for the same. A company formation in a foreign land has got to be registered. The company incorporation in the new state has to encompass the legal requirements of the new state. Depending on the type of company setup, you will most likely need a number of licenses covered before operating.

You may need to obtain the services of a corporate lawyer to help with the registration or a third-party filing service in case you have already made your consultations with a lawyer.

To use the same name or a different one

You may also look into utilizing a different name in the new state. This might be the case especially if the name you seek is already being utilized in the new state. In case the name you were using in the old sate is available in the new state, then you could be required to use the same.

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Do You Know?

Why go for Hong Kong companies?
  1. ​Simple tax system and Low tax rate, only levies a profits tax at the rate of 16.5%. No VAT, GST and all sorts of sales tax, no tax on non-Hong Kong business.
  2. Banks in Hong Kong offer multi-currency account with full Internet Banking system; no foreign exchange control.
  3. Best Path to China, based on CEPA agreement.
  4. RMB (CNY) business – Able to pay / receive RMB (CNY) with your company bank account to/from your China business partners; and convert RMB (CNY) into other currency.
  5. Ideal location for all business - International financial centre, Free tradeport, no restrictions on business scope​​.
  6. Sound legal system.
  7. World-class infrastructure and good supply of high quality human resources.