If you wish your documents or certificates that are to be used or accepted in another countries or territories, you will probably need to have them to be certified by legal institutions or legal personales.

There are several types of
authentications for different requirements of documents & usage.

China Notarial Service

For Hong Kong documents or certificates that are to be used and accepted by China authorities, e.g. set up branch offices or subsidiaries of Hong Kong companies in China.

For non-Hong Kong documents and certificates, you may go through legalization (please see section 4 below) for them to be used and accepted by China authorities.


Apostille Service

For documents to be certified by a legal institution that are required by oversea parties or authorities;

To certify the official documents that are to be issued by authorizes of Hong Kong, ie Business Registration Certificate, Certification of Incorporation.

To certify the genuineness of the signatures authority of the Notary Public on contracts or declarations that have been notorized by the Notary Public.


International Notarial Service

For documents to be used internationally (excluding China)

For witness of signatures on contract or declaration by a Notary Public in Hong Kong.

Preparing for the documents to be accepted for Apostille by the High Court of Hong Kong.


Legalization / Authentication

For the documents to be used in other countries that have not signed the Hague Convention require an additional process known as "authentication" or "legalization."

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