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Things to know about Personal and Business Bank Account Opening Hong Kong

Opening bank account in Hong Kong might seem easy. However, banks\' internal due diligent and other policies are to be inspected. To save time and effort, it is advisable to seek help from our professional team!

Every individual requires a bank account for multiple reasons.

However, it is not easy for an individual to get one without proper documents. For bank account opening Hong Kong, a person should know a few rules of banking. This article will help one to understand how to open one in a banking institution.

Opening Bank Account as a Non-Resident

Being a transient city, even tourists can open a current bank account easily. The process is simpler for Australian, American and European passport holders as they can get it done almost immediately.

For any other foreign nationals, the entire procedure can take around two weeks at the most.

Opening Account Online or Remotely

Hong Kong has stern anti-money laundering policies which prevent one to open their first bank account via online system. However, once an individual enjoys internet banking facilities from an existing account, he/she can get as many accounts as they want using online approach.

Though one might have a personal bank account, it doesn’t mean they can open business accounts online since the rules are firmer and always require applying in person.

When it comes to opening an account remotely even before arriving in Hong Kong, the bank which one uses back at home should have headquarters in this city. After arrival and providing them with identity, account proceedings initiate within a maximum of 20 days.

Necessary Documents a Person would require

Following documents are necessary when it comes to successful going through a bank account opening Hong Kong:

Other than this, if one is an employee, then the person will require to show a confirming letter from the concerned organization. If an individual is a student, then he/she needs to provide a letter from the university stating that he/she is a full-time student.

Business Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong

This requires more effort than opening a personal account. Previously, it was one of the easiest cities to open an account. However, to shoot down money laundering and to stop illegal money movements, all banks comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) rules.

Non-residents have to provide detailed information regarding the business, partners, and employees when applying for an account opening. Moreover, shareholders and business partners who own 20% or more shares in the company must attend the mandatory interview in formals.

For the interview people would require carrying:

Moreover, if original copies are not in English, then one would have to get it translated to English and certify it from proper authorities.

Knowing all these information will qualify an individual for bank account opening Hong Kong without going through much hassle.

Bank Account Opening

easyCorp understands Bank Account Opening is one of our customers’ the most concerned issues before they start partnering with us. We provide complimentary Bank Account Opening referral service to all our clients.

easyCorp has a huge customer base which not only leads us a few pieces of beautiful awards, but also ensures solid relationship with banks. Our banking partners recognize our contributions and always process our customers’ applications in priority sequence.

Although Bank Account Opening process in Hong Kong is relatively easy, however, banks’ internal due diligent and anti-money laundry policies have always been applied and vary from bank to bank between whiles; Customers with certain natures of business and nationalities may be unwelcomed by banks, to avoid unnecessary waste of time and effort, customers are strongly recommended to consult our team members before going to bank.

Recommended Banks in Hong Kong:

Min. Balance / Monthly Fee
Average balance of HK$50,000 or monthly fee HK$100 Average balance of HK$50,000 or monthly fee HK$180 Average balance of HK$100,000 or monthly fee HK$500
Internet banking; Phone banking; Multi-currency; and etc
Personal presence, or Video conference via branches in China

Other Banking Choices: China Citic Bank, Bank of East Asia, Bank of China, Standard Charted Bank, DBS

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Do You Know?

Usual documents required for bank account opening:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Business Registration Certificate
  3. Memorandum of Articles of Association / Bylaw
  4. Incorporation form NNC1 or Latest Annual Return form NAR1
  5. Proof of Business & Business Plan
  6. Passport and address proof of all directors and shareholders
  7. Certificate of Incumbency (for offshore companies only)