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Embrace the necessities of a Notary Public Hong Kong & Other Authorities for Legalization

Our Hong Kong notary public services from easyCorp provides a painless way to obtain authentications by legal institutions. Our efficient notarisation ensures your documents remain valid, legal and genuine.

Notarization, Apostille, and Legalization of a document are essential for all!

Different types of notarization finds their use in multiple nations. This is important especially when documents have to be submitted in a foreign country. For example, a notary public Hong Kong notarizes documents for people in that country. Notarization is one of the most standard procedures for authenticating any certificate.

However, many people often confuse when it comes to Apostille, Notarization, and Legalization. One should be aware of all to know which one would be required in a specific situation.

First, let’s check what Apostille is, then move onto the other two.

Apostille of a Document

A country's designated authority issues this certificate that works as a proof of authentication. It makes public documents legal even in foreign countries. Apostille in any country is sufficient which follows The Hague Convention.

However, not all documents can be apostilled. Only certain documents are eligible for it. Some of these are:

1.Official party’s original signature on public documents such as a certificate of business registration, marriage certificate, incorporation certificate, etc.

2.Documents which Commissioner of Oath or notary public signs.

Notarizing a Document

It is a fraud deterrent process and certifies that a document is original whereas a notary public is the authoritative person. This procedure authenticates certification, signature or witness identity of a person. There are various notary acts which fall under notarization. Some of these are:

It refers to the action where a signer affirms that the contents of a document are true. Here, one should appear before the relevant authority prior to signing the document.

This certification confirms that a duplicate or copy of a genuine document is true and has an accurate transcription of original document.

This act proves that any individual who appears before the notary public Hong Kong is the same person who one claims to be and the signature on record matches with the one scripted before the authoritative person. 

These are the most common types of notarization which a person might require depending on the situation.

Legalization of a Document

Legalization is the ultimate way to authenticate a certification. For legalization, one would require first to notarize and apostille the document. Requirement for legalization occurs for nations which are not a part of The Hague Convention. In such cases, the consulate or a country’s embassy has the power to legalize a certificate.

This procedure is the last option which an individual has for authenticating documents. Notarization and apostille is all one requires in most of the places in the world.

The notary offers solutions to those who need notarization and helps in keeping all certificates and documents authentic, valid and legal. So, one should simply apply for these to avoid any complications which might arise later.

So why wait when notary public Hong Kong offers easy ways to authentic genuine as well as a copy of originals documents.

Notary Public Service

If you wish your documents or certificates that are to be used or accepted in another countries or territories, you will probably need to have them to be certified by legal institutions or legal personales.

There are several types of
authentications for different requirements of documents & usage.

China Notarial Service

For Hong Kong documents or certificates that are to be used and accepted by China authorities, e.g. set up branch offices or subsidiaries of Hong Kong companies in China.

For non-Hong Kong documents and certificates, you may go through legalization (please see section 4 below) for them to be used and accepted by China authorities.


Apostille Service

For documents to be certified by a legal institution that are required by oversea parties or authorities;

To certify the official documents that are to be issued by authorizes of Hong Kong, ie Business Registration Certificate, Certification of Incorporation.

To certify the genuineness of the signatures authority of the Notary Public on contracts or declarations that have been notorized by the Notary Public.


International Notarial Service

For documents to be used internationally (excluding China)

For witness of signatures on contract or declaration by a Notary Public in Hong Kong.

Preparing for the documents to be accepted for Apostille by the High Court of Hong Kong.


Legalization / Authentication

For the documents to be used in other countries that have not signed the Hague Convention require an additional process known as "authentication" or "legalization."

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