Offshore Company Formation

Offshore company is a legal entity, being protected by specific legislation which guarantees a status of partial or full tax exemption. Most international banks accept this kind of company formation and provide bank account opening and financial operation services.
Offshore company is generally used for the purpose of tax planning, acting as a holding company, and offshore listing, etc.


Offshore Jurisdictions and Fee Schedules:



Incorp Fee  (Annual Fee)

Standard Authorized Capital


50,000 shares +US$100 with Chinese Company Name

+US$200 with Certificate of Incumbency
Seychelles US$700
US$100,000 Free Chinese Company Name

Free Certificate of Incumbency during incorporation
Samoa US$800
US$100,000 +US$100 with Chinese Company Name

+US$200 with Certificate of Incumbency during incorporation
Vanuatu US$700
US$100,000 Free Chinese Company Name

Free Certificate of Incumbency during incorporation
Marshall Islands US$700
50,000 shares Free Chinese Company Name

Free Certificate of Incumbency during incorporation
Note: Issue of Certificate of Incumbency US$200

Thinking of incorporating offshore? What you need to know

You might be wondering why need you to incorporate and why you just don’t have to just do business without it. We will take a look at some of the reasons behind incorporation in order to shade some light on the questions you seek answers to. An offshore company normally translates in a successful local business in its country of origin. Before investing in an offshore company however, you need to know whether or not to incorporate it. In order to gain an insight of incorporating your business, you need to know some of its advantages:

Protection of your assets With an incorporation, your personal assets are safeguard against un-eventualities of your business. For an offshore company Hong Kong, the appropriate papers have got to be filed. As such, you need to have a clear understanding of the rights and obligations that encompass the laws of a given state. Once incorporated, your business assets are kept separate from your personal ones. Choose the right corporation: S or C You need to know which corporation is the right fit for your offshore company. The c-corporation entails the personal service corporation while the s-corporation entails a pass-through entity. In other words, no taxation is levied on the s-corporation as a whole but rather, the net income that passes through its shareholders and the taxing is done on the individual tax returns. The c-corporation on the other hand is doubly taxed. Correctly manage your corporation When all is said and done, for your offshore company to thrive, there is a need for the correct management of your corporation. An observation of the appropriate formalities does go a long way in this instance. In order to properly manage the same, you are advised to have regular meetings and keep track of minutes in the record book.
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Do you know?

Why go for offshore companies?

  1. Strict confidentiality and secrecy provisions, privacy and asset protection (the shareholders' information, shareholding percentage and revenue status are entitled to high confidentiality).
  2. No taxes levied on Business Companies.
  3. Bank account feasibility (accepted by major banks in Hong Kong and other countries, and accesses to full ranges of bank account services).
  4. No exchange controls or restrictions on the flow of currency in or out of the territory.
  5. Neither accounting or auditing is required.
  6. Easy procedures on change of shareholders and directors.