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Notary Public Service in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a notary public can both prepare and notarize (verify) specific statements, papers, and official acts. If you need an authorized document or a verified signature as genuine, look no further than EasyCorp.

Legal documents such as deeds, property rights, powers of attorney, affidavits, and trusts must be seen by a public official known as a notary. A notary is a legally commissioned professional who verifies the validity of documents and serves as a neutral witness when signing legal documents.

Legal documents are notarized to guarantee adequate transaction execution and to prevent fraud. Notaries are required to identify signatories to a document when validating the authenticity of documents to weed out impostors and ensure that parties agree in good faith.

Types of Documents that We Notarize:

1. Witness statements,

2. Declarations,

3. Powers of attorney,

4. Business documents,

5. Identification documents,

6. Proofs of address and much more

We are conscious of circumstances when notarizing signatures and other papers are essential. When that happens, we do our best to have our notary available soon.

So, as a major international hub, Hong Kong is a common destination for notarizing papers for use in other countries. A person must apply for certification as a notary public in Hong Kong and pass the examination outlined in the Notaries Public (Examination) Rules.

We offer a full range of notarial public services in Hong Kong, including preparing notarial certificates, certifying true copies of originals, and attesting to preparing notarial certificates, certifying genuine copies of sources, and verifying signatures on documents.

What Types of Notary Public Services, We Offer?

Around the world, governments, businesses, and individuals involved in cross-border transactions appreciate and trust our notary public service in Hong Kong.

Those listed below:

1. Making official notarial documents.

2. The process of verifying signatures on official papers.

3. Apostille of Powers of Attorney.

4. Verifying the authenticity of paper forms.

5. Attestation of Data in Public Records.

6. The procedure by which courts prepare documents for apostille.

7. The process of submitting paperwork to consulates for authentication.

8. Taking statutory declarations, affidavits, and affirmations.

9. Notarizations for additional documents.

Why is it important to have documents notarized in Hong Kong?

Notarized documents are required in Hong Kong when the recipient body, such as banks or government entities, requests them. Companies demand document verification for a variety of reasons, including the sale or acquisition of land overseas, marriage, trading business, adoption, or immigration. Our notary public assists people with document authentication.

Other ways a notary public can assist are listed below:

1. To prove the authenticity of a document’s certified copy;

2. To prepare and witness Powers of Attorney for the client’s use in another country.

3. To witness another person’s signature in front of a Notary Public.

4. To establish the identity of the person presenting before a Notary Public.

5. Most importantly, document authentication.

Who serves as a Notary Public in Hong Kong?

A notary public is an attorney on record with the High Court’s Registry of Notaries Public who can attest to the authenticity of legal papers, contracts, and dealings. The procedure typically requires presenting evidence from the business to verify the identities of the people listed in the documents.

An official notary public’s credentials are accepted all around the world. The notaries public of Hong Kong is represented by their professional organization, the Hong Kong Society of Notaries. To effectively convey the opinions of its members and serve their needs, our organization is committed to upholding the best ethical and professional norms.

The Notarial Process:

When a group signs a document in Hong Kong, the Notary Public ensures that each signer does so freely. They also make sure the signatures aren’t forged or obtained through coercion.

As long as the notarizing Notary Public is physically present in the jurisdiction where the document was notarized, it will be recognized globally.

In addition, the Notary Public will check the signers’ identities. The Notary Public will be present to attest to the authenticity of the signatures. At this point, they’ll use a stamp or a seal to identify the document as official. The Hong Kong High Court and several international consulates in the city require the seal to be registered with them.

Certification Process:

If you need a certified copy of a document from the file but don’t have the original, you may need to file an affidavit of loss first.

This is because the original document must be present for certification to occur. Such a certificate demonstrates an authentic, complete, and updated document.

Certification is more commonly requested close to the time of use.

A Notary Public may also conduct other types of research. For example, a director who wants to sign a document on behalf of the company must satisfy the Notary Public that they are authorized to do so.

A Notary Public may seek legal advice from the country where the company is registered if the signatory is a director for a foreign corporation. The Notary Public can then determine if the director has the authority to sign on the company’s behalf.

How Did We Choose Notary Public Service in Hong Kong?

1.   Communication:

Since effective and efficient communication is important when selecting a notary public service.

2.   Qualification:

Notarization deals with critical legal issues, so qualified professionals should only handle it.

3.   Cost:

To avoid unnecessary expenditure, check to see if the notary’s fees are within your budget before hiring them.

4.   Location:

It is essential to check the location of a notarial service provider, and it may be better to choose one that is nearby you to save time traveling.


The services listed above are only a few of the Notary Public services.

We offer the best Notary Public Services in Hong Kong at EasyCrop. You may be confident that your documents will be notarized, legalized, or certified based on the degree of verification required. You may depend on our Hong Kong Notary Services.

For further information, please get in touch with us.


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